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    buy viagra cialis Well, to be fair, we don't know if it was Nazi's or Zombies either :P .

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    If you reply to this, I'll have to sue you for trademark infringement. Sorry, but Stephen assures me I'm a potentially valuable "brand" and fully protected by law. Right...and Corporations are Individuals and war creates peace.

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    +Arc Jewington Uh, no. Liberals don't say not to make drugs illegal because people will use them anyway, they say make drugs illegal because we SHOULD be able to use them as adults if we want to. But nice try.

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    are you talking about Colbert?

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    buy cheap viagra ive liked candidates in the past like Ron Paul but ive never cared about voting until now. because the people who i liked couldn't win.

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    4.I wait for MusicSins to count the sins