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    +Gerardo Pacheco 1st Cavalry  Brig. pin John is wearing. He is married with a US citizen and his wife was a combat medic in in that Army unit.

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    Black countries will remain majority Black, and Asian countries will remain majority Asian.

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    ah thanks for the information....well time to tell my friend he's a dumbass..... thanks again!

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    love Stephen but did not love this segment even though I understand he's making a parody.

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    Wait except this isn't true at all... John Oliver literally copies Donald Trump. He's also a white talking head who yells at people over issues and has way too many fans... he's also a democrat... he just has different views on stuff. So saying he doesn't care about Donald Trump is probably false considering John Oliver is basically the same person.

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    +Naftul Zvi This isn't the first time I've been told that, sadly. The founding fathers knew fully well about humanities ability to forge newer, more dangerous technology. They wanted the American citizens to be able to have the same access to the weaponry the government military held. They feared and warned us about the policies liberals are trying to make federal law.. The founding fathers were very aware of the potential dangers society would bring upon itself if they took guns out of the hands of Americans. That's why at the end of the amendment it reads "this law shall not be infringed." As a growing liberal nation we are doomed to repeat the history our founding fathers fought to change. People will mindlessly give away all their rights until they have none left.

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    +evofd So what decisions, for example?

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