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  1. discount viagra pills : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    Not the definition of insanity. Not Einstein's original quote either. It was a common satirical saying when he used regarding lab work.

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  3. Motti : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    discount viagra pills This show isn't as funny is the Colbert report

  4. Kochar : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    - Fighting is cool

  5. Edu : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    I like how he went from being so thoughtful about the Oregon shootings, and then shooting his mouth off about Trump. Stay classy Colbert.

  6. Nevill : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    a bison made it!

  7. Armando : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    discount viagra pills Diversity means chasing down every last White child.

  8. Luis : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    Jon Stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Motta : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    I've been up all night throwing up from food borne illness. I thought nothing would be funny between the revolving door of diarrhea and vomit. "artisanal curb in brooklyn". "folk art". lol.

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  11. LALA : July 05, 2015, 08:12

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  12. Giggs : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    Indeed something has to change.  Fix the liberal motivated laws and policies that made that campus a gun free zone.

  13. Marakar : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    We as a society have lost our way. We want to blame anything other then the individuals involved. It boils down to a lack of human compassion. Until we fix the need to love one another, nothing will change. We need to go back to the basics when raising children. My parents at an early age taught me right from wrong. I was taught that there will always be consequences for my actions. If I was out of line, I was given a spanking. I soon realized how to avoid them. I love my parents and would do anything for them, and they do the same for me. I am a better person for the way I was raised. I don't rape, pillage, plunder, or do drugs. So I support the 2nd amendment to protect my family against those that didn't have a similar upbringing.

  14. Motti : July 05, 2015, 08:12

    Really? She got Zendaya and Selena into this shit?