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    By the way, "it's common sense!" is a bad argument because it means nothing. I find that, very often, I have a make a preemptive strike on that argument, so let me say that "common sense" could explain ANYthing. If you execute everybody currently in prison, it'll reduce crime. It's common sense! If you shut down Planned Parenthood, women won't want to have abortions. It's common sense! So, even if you weren't going to make that point, I wanted to point out that it's a dumb effing argument, just in case someone else wanted to make it.

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    buy viagra with discount Some thoughts on pretending and honesty by a known liar who gets paid to act.

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    +Angelo Collins Despite tearing apart the Republicans on a daily basis, he still got the Presidential Candidates to show up. If anything he's a bit toned down then what the Colbert Report was, and he still managed to get some Republicans on his show. Bill Maher had Mike Huckabee and George Pataki, Trevor Noah had Chris Christie, etc. I don't think the political views of the host matter much to the guests

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    buy viagra with discount he cant vote and he says a lot of shit about us Americans... the coffee thing was funny... btw, he just hooked up trump.

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    +SecularDogma stopped paying attention to what u had to say the moment you wrote the N word, you obviously arent worth listening too

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    Umm.. He did it far more during the Colbert report and everyone loved it.

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    buy viagra without prescription Wow, this is money...and it knows it. Classic.

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    I can agree that it is a social issue as well, and there is many factors that lead to these events. I know I stated for mental health reform, but yeah I know that's only part of the problem. I think mass hysteria is another big factor in this whole mass shooting thing. Monkey see monkey do, you know...

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