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    You know what's hilarious about this country? The more power you hold in office, the less freedoms you have. Seriously, the average citizen can say and do a lot of shit and get off scott free, but the second a celebrity or government representative does the same thing, people demand they be brought down and punished.

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    buy viagra with discount "Some are intuitive, some are on fire. I'll let you work out which was which." ~A fluffly man who doesn't know how to use a train.

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    Somebody should give that Umpire a late night show!

  6. Miola : April 18, 2015, 20:41

    Uno viendo tranquilamente el vídeo cuando sale Ellie Goulding en el minuto disparando una bazuca. x'D

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    It is the 21st century.

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    buy viagra without prescription I wonder how many mud bars GOOP has sold? I'm gonna guess some percentage of zero...rounded up to zero.

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