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  3. Jimmy : August 30, 2015, 20:00

    buy viagra online he may be at the top of the polls, BUT more people hate him than like him, and he needs to win the majority in the end to win the election. so let me know when trump is past 50%

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    buy viagra online Who doesn't believe that the republican party thinkers approached Donald and said look. We have been such a worthless bunch of shitheads for the last eight years that everyone hates us. So we need you to go out there and entertain the people so we can sneak one of these losers (Jeb Bush) by as the republican candidate.

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  9. Roberto : August 30, 2015, 20:00

    I re-winded this to double check if that really was Jon Stewart, but I waited to commercial so I wouldn't miss anything

  10. Huan : August 30, 2015, 20:00

    +Desmond Logan A sarcasm paradox precedes our species extinction. Why play with fire?

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    John Oliver acts like a nigger, what else is new?

  13. Mikkoli : August 30, 2015, 20:00

    This Limey can't even vote. His opinion is worth shit.

  14. Jimmy : August 30, 2015, 20:00

    That's like Helsinki, but with less muslims.