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    It's a lot like the story of a conservative pundit getting ready to go on Jon Stewart's show and he was considering backing out because Jon Stewart is, let's not fool ourselves, a liberal. The pundit spoke to Donald Rumsfeld, who said that Stewart gave him the best interview during his book tour. He wasn't an attack dog and he wasn't a sycophant.

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  3. Rozalia : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    buy viagra online reviews +Jered Morgan I was about to say the same thing! He's very much old school Lettermen. But Colbert as we know him is far more than antics! All the best to Stephen :).

  4. Kolya : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    Sure there is no money in trying to stop sales,  but collective we should be able to raise 40million to match NRA's contribution and to buy politicians like they do. Even if you believe in small government their number one role should be to protects its citizens and should do it for the salary they already are getting, lobbing is the name of the game in DC so it will take $$$.

  5. Mika : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    After all, isn't congress that is supposed to be looking out for the citizens of this country?

  6. Jeko : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    run by militant gays

  7. Motti : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    buy viagra online reviews Ur-womb. Ur- as a prefix can be added with the meaning "proto-, original". Meant to sound as ridiculous as possible here.

  8. Xavi : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    Steven is my hero

  9. Berhessio : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    Umm.. He did it far more during the Colbert report and everyone loved it.

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    discount viagra pills aweeeeee. no more formula 401 Colberts special reserve?

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    +Storm Shaker We should give him a show because of it.

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    - I died at that part