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  1. buy viagra online reviews : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    democrap party

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  3. Rozalia : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    buy viagra online reviews Or you could just watch it on the official cbs website

  4. Kolya : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    Colbert got nootered and Steward got a cushy exec gig.

  5. Mika : March 26, 2015, 13:13

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  6. Jeko : March 26, 2015, 13:13

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  7. Motti : March 26, 2015, 13:13

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  8. Xavi : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    Wait except this isn't true at all... John Oliver literally copies Donald Trump. He's also a white talking head who yells at people over issues and has way too many fans... he's also a democrat... he just has different views on stuff. So saying he doesn't care about Donald Trump is probably false considering John Oliver is basically the same person.

  9. Berhessio : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    People are fucking idiots now days. Everybody hates Donald trump at high schools because they think that he is racist or doesn't act like an average politicians. 9/10 people don't even know what his plans are for America.

  10. Among : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    That isn't what I'm saying at all. Neither mainstream political party is representative of me. This has nothing to do with 1st Amendment, what part of it's an entertainment show do you not understand? Those people can have all the fucking 1st Amendment they want on the political shows! Oh but I know someone will complain they don't and therefore that's why Colbert must do it. Well that's horseshit!

  11. Gerbert : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    discount viagra pills Oh Garry the fairy, did I touch a nerve there fucktard? Such venom from such a 'special' guy. I think that it's just fantastic that you stepped up to defend the fool using such vitriol. Not to mention you defending another guy. You are such a knight in shining armour. Only thing though, usually knights come to the aid of defenceless maidens, but seeing as you swing on the end of the rainbow with your limp wrists and a small sword, it doesn't actually surprise me. You obviously have put Oliver up on a pedestal as someone to worship and that is just pathetic. If that's all you have going for you in your life then I feel sorry for you. TO make it better, might I suggest that you snuggle up with your boyfriend and maybe he'll make you feel like the whiney bitch you are.

  12. Mike : March 26, 2015, 13:13

    ^In case you can't tell (sarcasm)

  13. Anonyme : March 26, 2015, 13:13

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  14. Rozalia : March 26, 2015, 13:13