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    buy viagra overnight +Angelo Collins Despite tearing apart the Republicans on a daily basis, he still got the Presidential Candidates to show up. If anything he's a bit toned down then what the Colbert Report was, and he still managed to get some Republicans on his show. Bill Maher had Mike Huckabee and George Pataki, Trevor Noah had Chris Christie, etc. I don't think the political views of the host matter much to the guests

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    Hey Colbert, here's a thought for you: Quit being a hypocrite by pretending now that you're really anything but what you've been paid 10's of millions of dollars to be for more than a decade, a Conservative-bashing, liberal/"progressive" mouthpiece for The White House and the DNC.

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    Regardless of your views on gun control , whether resctrictions will do more harm than good, or gun control would save countless lives, there is no way to look at both arguments and conclude that we should do nothing to combat the prescence of illegal firearms. Whether theyre acquired by straw purchases (have a friend buy it for you) , stolen guns, corrupt gun vendors, it's an easy fix. Just make the govt. keep records of the serial numbers of every gun sold (both manufacturer to vendor and vendor to customer) , and send both the criminal who used the gun, and the criminal who bought it originally, to jail for the same amount of time. Also, if a gun used in a crime corresponds to a store, the store gets investigated , so they cant fudge records of who bought what.