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  1. buy viagra overnight : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    The answer is population control.

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  3. Antonio : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    buy viagra overnight Me and my friend were grinning from ear to ear through this whole episode! Also, Jon!!

  4. Miola : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    lol Colbutt thinks trump has no chance? has someone told him yet his boy Bernie cant win?

  5. Sonya : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    What's wrong with highlighting to the country the ineptitude of Clinton thru the Benghazi hearings and the terrible decisions she made as Sec of State? Doesn't it show what a terrible decision maker she is? Very applicable.

  6. Ahmad : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    Stephen is already up there with Conan at the top in my opinion. Such a brilliant mind and comedian!

  7. Nikky : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    buy viagra overnight During the slow-mo walk in front of the explosion there are two women in the line who do not exemplify fashion model proportions. That is by far the most body-diverse shot in the whole video, and they are relegated to the fringes.

  8. Luis : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    "Chump" & Trump rhyme & that is important because "Chump" is totally unaware that "The Joaquin Guzman Engineering Company" had been digging cross-border, underground tunnels from Mexico to the USA for about ten years. Trump, "The Chump", wants to build a 1,500 mile bridge over those tunnels, some of which have fresh air and electric trains. How stupid can he be? Is he stupid enough to build a bridge to Bermuda? It's not that far and it'd be "hUge". :-) El Chapo, aka Joaquin Guzman is smarter & richer than Trump. He'll tunnel under any wall Chump builds. Reference: "Huge Drug Busts Linked to Tunnels, by Patrik Josson, Christian Science Monitor, 11/26/2010, ISSN# 0882-7729, Accession # 55436577. Check it out

  9. Sosolak : July 26, 2015, 20:20

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  10. Rihanna : July 26, 2015, 20:20

    democrap party

  11. Rihanna : July 26, 2015, 20:20

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  12. Radia : July 26, 2015, 20:20

     Fair critique.

  13. Googleman : July 26, 2015, 20:20

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  14. Antonio : July 26, 2015, 20:20