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    It would be like worrying that a lightning strike could sway an election, or someone's chance at the American Dream.

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    Jon Stewart sure is a comedy kingmaker.

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    The Donald.

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    buy viagra prescription I am totally on board with the decision to set a Taylor Swift video in a futuristic setting. With the exception of the scene where Ms. Swift is kicked out the window and is mysteriously uninjured, then singing on the top of the smashed car, and the shot where she is lying down and being "scanned" by a machine, I just don't like the choices that were made. That's all.

  12. Gonsalo : January 23, 2015, 20:49

    I bet they really love to see their german "Allianz" logo in the back!

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    +Lisa Benmard "butt ugly Jew boys" Like are you 12?

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