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    1) Hillary:   criminal, creepy hag, warmonger

  2. +stuntmen75 Both South Carolinans i welcome you to the official website of the Most Worshipful Prince KEYWORD] Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio, Free and Accepted Masons Nice play on words lol . I'd continue to refute your points, but I feel it's a pointless exercise. My point here isn't to argue about the migrant crisis. It's to point out that John Oliver is not a good newsman (neither does he pretend to be), but others do, and that's a problem. Our webmaster and his staff continue to work diligently to maintain the site and keep it as current Only rebel flag flying toothless hicks care about trump . KKK is for trump . The clown will be the biggest joke in a few moths from now . All the racist cock suckers that support this scum should be ashamed of them selfs , Stephen Colbert and John Oliver... anybody came?? :D as possible The entire interview was hilarious. They got incredible chemistry together. . +Jo Mama sex You should find the information it contains very useful in acquiring KEYWORD] knowledge about our Grand Lodge and Prince Hall Freemasons, in general the reason this video was made: to show another of Colbert's talents ;) !

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    non prescription viagra Anti-Whites tell us that White people and White countries don't exist.

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    Bowling a Strike, great way to start in Late Night television.

  9. Berhessio : August 11, 2015, 18:46

    Also, fair notice, everyone else in the world now using the name, "Kim" in any way, owes me bigly. China's Yuan devaluation couldn't have come at a worse time for my "brand", but there you go. I haven't checked North Korea stats yet, but a quick Google tells me there might be fertile ground there, too. We'll see. Don't forget to "reply" and prattle on. :)

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    awww, stephen, not even one asian? we are americans too, man! we like singing the star-spangled banner, too! contrary to what TV and movies would lead many to believe, we can do things other than science and martial arts!!! i swear!!! please, stephen. more asians, please. on TV, doing things other than science and martial arts. you're our only hope. if you can't do it we are dooooooomed.

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