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    he may be at the top of the polls, BUT more people hate him than like him, and he needs to win the majority in the end to win the election. so let me know when trump is past 50%

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    buy discount cialis +Aron Teee That's called "being real", you know, speaking your own unfiltered thoughts about a recent subject matter without any influence from your network pushing their own agenda. This was something that Stewart was very well known for, which Stephen couldn't really do in the past, as he was playing the caricature of a high status willfully ignorant idiot. But now that Stephen isn't playing a character, he can afford to speak his mind when he feels it needs be. And it just so happens that putting the uncertain feelings of the audience about a tragic incident into understandable words would garner support by said audience.

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    How is there 554,270,000 views when Rihanna is the only girl in the world?

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    Jesus I'd hate to imagine the production costs of this video. MJ will be turning in his grave.