Girls Assembly a youth organization sponsored by Amaranth Grand Chapter. Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliated, can bear no better title than “The Glory of Womanhood”.

 So dear to the hearts of the members, was organized in 1952 under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Hattie B. Alexander, then the Grand Worthy Matron.  In line with other organizations dedicated to the development of character in youth, the urgency of sponsoring such a group was felt, thus the machinery was set into operation for its organization.  Because of her knowledge in working with youth groups, the services of Mrs. Florence Brown Wesley, of No. 87, Kenton, was requested to assist with the formulation of plans and to coordinate the total program. 

As Co-Chairperson, Mrs. Dorothy Brown of No. 85 and Mrs. Louise Terrell of Xenia, No. 2, were appointed.  At the Grand Convocation in 1951, this committee was commissioned to begin a Grand Body at the 1952 Convocation.

From its early beginnings, Girls Assembly attracted these girls who were determined to maintain high standards and to live up to their motto, “Seeking Higher Goals”.  The reason for this may be credited to the fact that membership was restricted to daughters of Masonic families and their close friends.  Ages ranged from 12 to 18 years; however, the greatest concentration was between 15 to 17 years.

Currently, membership is open without a Masonic affiliation.  In 1991, under the administration of Natalie H. Hunt, Grand Worthy Matron, the age for membership was changed from 10 to 18.  In 2007 due to today’s changing times to better prepare the young ladies for “Finer Womanhood,” age of membership was changed once again from 8 to 18 years.  This was during the administration of Grand Worthy Matron, Zeda K. Roberson.

We have Assemblies in Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Alliance and Cleveland.

 Girls Assembly continues today to be a fine organization, celebrating more than 60 years of existence



Amaranth Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star P.H.A. State of Ohio
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